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When safety is a concern you do not want to leave medical coverage to amateurs. Many governing bodies have now decided that coverage must be provided by EMS professionals. This may be costly, depending on which service is chosen.

Immediate Action Services was created to provide professional and affordable event coverage. Our staff are registered with the Alberta College of Paramedics and are all highly experienced. In fact, we conduct numerous training sessions for our staff throughout the year. Our clients can count on the fact that, with Immediate Action Services, they are getting people who can handle any emergency situation.

We can provide EMS coverage for any public gathering. Our clients benefit from having specialized teams assembled for them. We have a group of of EMTs and AFA IIs that specialize in rave coverage, and we also have staff with years of experience in the oilfield, military, ambulance services, motocross racing, and sports medicine. Regardless of the type of event, we can provide experienced, exceptional coverage from knowledgable staff. We travel, and have covered large parts of Southern and Central Alberta.

Our event coverage rates are fair and quite comparable to other agencies. IAS will provide event coverage for both large and small events. We supply oxygen equipment, airway management gear, spinal immobilization equipment, standard jump kits (which include items for wound care and bleeding control), traction splints, vital sign monitoring equipment, AEDs, and more.

We offer reduced rates for preferred clients, and those who choose IAS for multiple events. We prefer a minimum of five days notice before an event, but we have assembled teams in as little as two hours.

If you would like more information, or to arrange event coverage, you may contact IAS through our link on the left. Keep us in mind for your next event.