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  Welcome to Immediate Action Services' image galleries.

From this page you will be able to see selected images of IAS in action, various GIFs,BMPs, and JPGs with an EMS / Fire / Police theme, or enter our Atlas of Injuries.


CAUTION : The Atlas of Injuries contains many images which may be upsetting or objectionable to some people. We do not wish to shock, nor do we wish to be thought of as sensationalist. What we do wish to accomplish is to portray the human experience as it is usually witnessed by today's EMS, Fire and Police personnel.


IAS Photos       Main Page: Click Here

New Entries: Motion Notion 2006,  Moose Mtn 2006

Pengrowth Hoedown 2006,   Calgary Greek Festival,  Chimney Rock Challenge


To the best of our knowledge the images in our Atlas and in our Various classes are public domain. If you are a copyright holder for any of the images, let us know and we shall remove them if you so desire.