Moose Mountain 2006

Ah, Moose Mountain.  What can you say about the Moose Mountain motocross race, except that there is rarely a dull moment?

This year, the IAS providers were Brian, Stephani and Travis.   The race took place on a Sunday, and it was a hot, dry day.  There were almost forty riders, and many were overheard commenting on what a great course it was.  IAS checked upon a couple of riders who had smashed their hands against trees or handlebars and had sustained some soft-tissue damage.

 Near the end of the race, a nice rider came over because he had hit a tree and was having some abdominal pain.  Upon examination, the medical team was highly suspicious that he had suffered an injury to his spleen and was bleeding internally.  He received oxygen and treatment for shock, and it was decided that the fastest way to get him to a hospital was for Stephani and Travis to take him to Sundre hospital rather than waiting for an ambulance to come out to the site.  He was doing well when he arrived at the hospital and it was later confirmed that he had indeed ruptured his spleen.  By all accounts he is doing well and is expected to make a fine recovery.  We wish him the best!

 IAS saw a few more injuries, mostly arms and wrists as a result of hitting trees.  There were questions as to whether people were hitting the same renegade tree, as the injured riders often said that it had jumped out of nowhere to attack.  When trees go bad…sounds like a Fox television special!  We also saw some children with scraped knees and one little guy who fell into a campfire and thankfully sustained minor burns only, thanks to the quick action of his father who pulled him out immediately.

 As always, the IAS team had a blast.  The riders involved with this race are tough athletes, and everyone is just great to be around.  They’re a happy bunch!  Moose Mountain is put on by the Calgary Motorcycle Club, and it has a fantastic group of organizers.  A satellite phone was provided in case an ambulance had to be reached, and the CMC is diligent about minimizing environmental impact so the race area and campground were left without any trace that there had been a race at all.

 Thanks to the CMC for having us out again, and we sure look forward to seeing you all next year!